I believe in the unifying power of song.  

​I believe in the liberative power of dance. ​  

I believe that good music is inherently a joyful and cathartic experience, no matter what the genre, era, country, or culture.  

I have seen that, in the current social climate, there is commonly an intimidation that surrounds classical music when viewed by people who are less experienced with the genre. I have also seen a common stigma from classical musicians and fans towards other types of music.  

​My work aims to bridge this divide by expressing the delights of the classical pieces I grew up with as joyous and heartwarming experiences, presenting them side by side with contemporary, folk, traditional, and popular music, through means accessible by both classical and non-classical musicians and music fans.  

I believe that there is the potential for any kind of music to be used as a vessel to cultivate self love, and as a tool for deep emotional expression. 

I believe that anybody can tap into and utilize this tool, as it manifests in any genre, in the name of growth and sustained happiness.